3 Easy ways to download Instagram Photos, Videos [2018]


Download Instagram Videos: Instagram is an interesting place to spend our free time and there are many people in the world using Instagram. This makes us exposed to a lot of content across the globe and quite often we see a lot of media content. This media content includes images, GIFS and Videos we often wonder, ‘how to save an Instagram video to our smartphone/computer?’. Learn the answer today.

The addition of stories to Instagram means that we can now see every moment in it’s live form like a small video. Like me and you, many people want to download private Instagram videos to their PC/Computers/Android Mobiles. If you own any Apple devices, you’d want to download Instagram videos to Mac/iPhone/iPad. So, here are the 3 simple and easy ways to download Instagram Videos to Computer in high quality for free.

How to Download Instagram photos, videos?

download Instagram videos
Learn How to Download Instagram Videos to Computer and Smartphones for Free

Instagram has a lot of content that is being uploaded every minute. The good thing is that now you can also use Instagram on PC and upload videos that your friends will want to download and share. So, With a database that huge, it is not possible for us to download each and every video on the social networking app. Instead, we download a single video by using the elements on the video page. Usually, we use the URL of the Instagram page/video to download the video directly to our Android mobile/PC/Mac. But many people want to avoid the hassle of finding out the URL of the video. This means that we need a software that will automate the URL and download process for us. So, follow any of the below method to download Instagram videos to your iPhone/Android/PC computers.

The below process explains downloading Instagram media without any external software and with external software.

1) Download Instagram Videos to Computer via ‘Inspect element’

In order to download an Instagram video/photo to your Computer, you must be using Instagram on your Chrome/Firefox browsers. Follow the below methods to download directly without any software using only your browser.

1) Log in to Instagram via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

2) Go to desired video/photo you want to download.

3) Right click on the video/photo and click ‘Inspect’.

4) Open the ‘Find’ bar in Inspect panel by pressing ‘Ctrl+F’ in Windows and ‘Cmd+F’ in MacOS.

download instagram videos to computer
In the search bar, search for _qzesf class and click on the arrow mark to open that class

5) Search for _qzesf class as shown in the image. Open the <div class=_qzesf> by clicking on the arrow mark.

download instagram videos via chrome
You will find the Original Instagram video link with an .mp4 extension and also a .jpg file

6) Now you will find the link to the original video. Open in new tab with right click. To download the video, you can open the .mp4 extension link and to download a picture, you must open the .jpg link.

save instagram videos without URL
As the link opens along with video in a new tab, right click and save the video

7) Right click on the video and select ‘Save as’ or ‘Save video as’ to save to your downloads folder.

2) Download Instagram Videos to Computer/Mac with URL

There are many web apps on the Internet that will download Instagram videos online directly if we input the URL of the Instagram page. Go to any of these web pages and input the URL of the Instagram page that you will find on the URL bar of any browser when you open a video.

Here are the best working websites to download Instagram Videos with URL:

  • https://www.dredown.com/
  • http://downloadgram.com/
  • http://instagramvideodownloader.net/
  • http://www.w3toys.com/instagram/

3) Download Instagram Videos to Mobile without URL via InstaSave

Often times, when you want to download a lot of Instagram videos in bulk, copy pasting the URL a hundred times will be a problem especially if you are quick on time. There are also many users that don’t want to get into the complications of dealing with URLs and 3rd party websites. If you are either one of them, InstaSave app is perfect for you to download private Insta videos to your Computer as well as Android/Windows and iPhone mobiles.

Download Instagram videos to Android, Windows, iPhone mobiles

InstaSave app is the new sensation in Instagram users as it has perfect functionality to save pictures and videos directly from Instagram. With InstaSave, you can see pictures and videos offline that are saved in Camera Roll/Gallery. Go to the below provided official links to download on your Mobile.

So, these are the 3 easy methods that you can apply to your daily hacks list to download Instagram videos to smartphones and computers and share with your friends easily.

Download more apps for PC with installation steps on appsforpc.org.


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