Download BBM(Blackberry Messenger) for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Mac Laptops for Free(Latest Version)

Download BBM(Blackberry Messenger) for PC: Hi, Guys again I had came here to say about BBM and How to Download BBM for PC. Abbreviation of BBM is Blackberry Messenger by the name itself we can say that BBM was introduced by Blackberry Limited. In 2005 Blackberry Limited had introduced BBM only in Blackberry Phones now as generation changes BBM is supported in IOS, Android and Windows. We can use BBM in PC and Macs also but just we have to follow some steps to Download BBM For Pc. There many Android Messenger Apps for pc like Kik App For Pc, Viber app for PC and WhatsApp For PC but when compared to BBM, BBM has more features than remaining Messenger Apps.

However BBM hasn’t announced any official release for PC(Windows 7/8/10), Mac users but, we can still use BBM Messenger in pc through some methods here in this post we are discussing some cool methods by which we can Download BBM for Pc. Before downloading BBM For Pc check Features and More Information about BBM(Blackberry Messenger). Nowadays everyone is connected in social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. Many people want’s to change and wants to use news Apps to stay connected with friends and Family. BBM is one of the best Messenger App with new Specifications in which we can connect to all our friends.


  • Privacy: We can secure our personal details of BBM like Phone Number and Mail ID.
  • Secure Connection: BBM for Pc is one of the best Secure App. We can keep BBM for secure our Data.
  • Easy Interface: BBM has an easy interface which we can easily understand how to use BBM App.
  • Group Chat: It is good if we chat with a single friend but when we chat with a number of friends in a group it will be more fun. In BBM we have Group Chat Option.
  • Message Tracking: In BBM we can track our message whether it is sent, delivered or seen.
  • Message Timer: This is one of the best Features in BBM App we can set a time and we can send a message at the required time.
  • Multimedia: We can share Multimedia like Mp3 songs, Videos and files by using BBM App.
  • Internet Charges: Data charges will be less when compared to remaining Messenger Apps.
  • Voice/Video Calls: We can do Voice/Video Call by Using BBM App. Voice/Video Calls are supported for all Android and windows.
  • Stickers: When compared to other messengers Apps BBM App has more free Stickers which we can send to our Friends/Family according to situations.
  • High Quality: The files which we share with our friends by BBM App will be high quality and there will be no reduction in quality.
BBM App For Pc

                             Download BBM App For PC

More Info:

Name: BBM App

File Size: 32.3 MB

Updated on: August 14th, 2017

Required OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Required Android: 4.3 and more than 4.3

RAM: 512 MB minimum

Hardware: Keyboard, Mouse

Storage: 150 MB of Free Space

BBM For Pc:

It is easy to download BBM in PC just we have to follow some steps. If we have any Android Emulator in PC we can download easily BBM App For Pc. There are many Android Emulators but Bluestacks App Player is one of the best Android Emulator for PC. In Bluestacks we can get all the Apps which are available in Google Play Store. If you don’t have any Android Emulator in our Pc then also we can download BBM App by Downloading APK. There are two methods to download BBM for PC one method is by using Android Emulators like Bluestacks and another one is by downloading APK File on your PC.

BBM App For Windows(7/8/8.1/10)

Download BBM App For Windows(7/8/8.1/10)

Method 1-Download BBM for PC(Windows 7/8/8.1/10):

  • If you want to Download BBM For Pc without Android Emulator then go to google.
  • Search for BBM APP APK. There are many websites where we can get BBM App APK.
  • Download the BBM App APK file our Computer.
  • Double Click on the File and accept unknown source in PC.
  • Now Install BBM in PC
  • Now you can use BBM and you can stay connected in BBM with Friends and family members who are using BBM App.

Method 2-Download BBM for PC(Windows 7/8/8.1/10):

BBM App in Bluestacks

         Download BBM App by Using Bluestacks

  • If you want to Download BBM For Pc with Android Emulator then you have to download any Android emulator on your PC.
  • Bluestacks App Player is one of the best Android Emulator for pc.
  • So Download Bluestacks App Player on your Pc.
  • Install Bluestacks App Player.
  • Search for BBM App in Bluestacks and download the file.
  • Now you can use BBM app on your PC(Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

Download BBM App  For Mac:

It is very easy to Download BBM App in Mac when compared to PC(Windows 7/8/8.1/10) just we have to download APK file and open IOS Store.

  • Download the BBM App APK File.
  • See in folders and Open BBM App APK with IOS Store.
  • Install BBM App
  • Now you can use BBM App on Mac

How To Run BBM App in PC(Windows 7/8/8.1/10) and Mac:

                   How To Run BBM App In Pc and Mac

BBM App Interface is very easy to understand just we need to sign up with our Gmail account or with Facebook accounts as we know Blackberry has very secure options it will send a verification message to our emails by just one click BBM account is activated and we can use BBM App in Pc.

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