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Xender for PC: Xender, like SHAREit, is another powerful tool for file transfer and sharing of media files between devices. With Xender, media file of any size can be transferred within seconds to the target device. The app is developed by ‘Xender Team’ and has around 1M-5M downloads in Google Play Store.

As Xender has so many features, it will be useful for everyone to use it on Computers or MacBooks. So today, learn about the methods to Download Xender App for PC, Windows Laptops and MacBook for Free with installation tutorial.

What is Xender?

Xender is a peer to peer file sharing service that uses fast Wi-Fi signals to transfer media files and softwares. Unlike it’s previous competitors, Xender has a fast growing user base for it’s functionality and features.

Xender is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows and MacOS. However, the app needs some specific system requirements to run on Computer. See the requirements below. Also, you can download Xender app for Android devices from Google Play Store from the link below. This tutorial is only for users who want to experience Xender on their personal computers.

Xender for PC

Xender for PC, Xender for PC Free download Windows Xp/7/8/10
Xender for PC Free Download on Windows PC, Laptop

In this post, you will find the various ways to download/use Xender on PC, Laptop running Windows operating system. As Xender is used for File sharing, by using this app on computer you can transfer files between computers and mobile devices. Xender is developed by Anmobi and is used by more than 10 million users worldwide. Xender alternatives like Zapya for PC, SHAREit are also popular but Xender for PC is mainly used to transfer files fast via the internet using the web.xender.com portal. Learn about more methods below but first, know about these amazing features of Xender App for PC.

Features of Xender App for PC

Here are some exciting features of Xender App that you’d want to know before downloading and installing Xender on PC.

Transfer speed: Xender has crazy transfer speed of upto 40Mb/sec., which means it’ll only take a few seconds/a minute to transfer a whole movie. So no matter the size, Xender always does it fast.

Cross platform sharing between devices: Want to transfer pics/videos from your phone to computer? Xender has it all sorted out. Xender supports cross platform sharing between devices which means that we can send a file to any platform like Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

Replicate Smart Phone: Bought a new phone? Export your contacts, SMS and media to any device with a simple click and replicate the older smartphone.

Slide and Share: Just slide through the gallery to share any pic with your friends. This feature is only available when you are connected to another Xender App on target device.

File info

App Xender for PC
Size 7.26 MB
Version 3.9.1130
Compatible Windows PC, Laptop
Requires Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
License Free
Developer Anmobi

How to download Xender for PC?

Download Xender for PC, xender for PC, xender for windows
Download Xender for PC via BlueStacks

Xender is essentially an Android app that we are going to install on our computers using external software. This ensures that no internet is used when transferring files.

There are four ways to download and install the latest version of Xender App for Windows PC/Laptops. All these 4 methods work with the help of external softwares or internet. So, if you want a standard file transfer, it is recommended that you use the app on your Android mobile. Mobile to Mobile transfer speeds are higher in Xender App than Mobile to computer. However, One of the ways is by using an Android emulator software and downloading through Google PlayStore. The other way is by using the app with Google Chrome using ARC Welder. Here are the 4 ways you for Xender for PC Download and sharing files.

  1. Install via Google Play Store with BlueStacks
  2. Install manually via APK file with BlueStacks
  3. Uploading APK file on ARC Welder in Google Chrome
  4. Using web.xender.com online portal (Recommended)

Go through these 4 methods and use the one you are comfortable with. Using the Xender online portal is the most recommended and used method by other users.

Method 1: Download/Install Xender for PC with BlueStacks

This method involves using an Android emulator to install Xender App on our computers. BlueStacks/BlueStacks 2 are emulators that will let us use any Android app on our computers. Learn the step by step tutorial below.

Step 1: Go to bluestacks.com>Download>Windows/Mac. Select your OS and download BlueStacks to your Computer.

Step 2: Install Bluestacks.exe/bluestacks.dmg file on your computer and open it while having a working internet connection.

Step 3: On the app homepage, click on the search icon and search for ‘Xender’.

Xender for PC download, Xender download for PC with BlueStacks, install Xender via google play store
Install Xender via BlueStacks by installing the official app from Google Play Store

Step 4: Xender App from Google Play Store will be available to download. Click on ‘Install’ and sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Accept permissions and Xender App will be installed on your PC in few seconds.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also download Xender APK file and install it through BlueStacks. This method will help if you don’t have a working internet connection. You can download Xender APK file from any of the below links.

Method 2: Install Xender for PC on BlueStacks with APK file

To install Xender on PC with this method, you need to download the latest version of Xender APK file. The main benefit of installing with APK file is that you don’t need an internet connection and can install Xender anytime you want.

  1. First, Download Xender APK.
  2. Then, install BlueStacks as explained in the above method.
  3. After installing BlueStacks, go to apps section and click on ‘Upload new app’.
  4. Here, upload the Xender APK file and click on install. The app will be installed on your PC in less than 5 minutes.

Open Xender and start sharing files with BlueStacks.

Method 3: Upload Xender APK file to ARC Welder in Google Chrome

ARC Welder is a Google product that is introduced to test APK files behaviour directly on Chrome without using a remote server. We can use this method to install Xender APK for Windows PC, Laptop.

  1. Install ARC Welder extension on Google Chrome from extensions.google.com
  2. After installing, click on the extension icon beside URL bar.
  3. Choose upload APK option and upload Xender APK file (download from below)
  4. Xender will now run within Google Chrome.

This method is not a long term method and will be useful for some quick transfers. Transferred files will be saved in Downloads folder/Google Chrome installation folder in Program Files.

Method 4: Using web.xender.com portal (without BlueStacks method)

web.xender.com file transfer tutorial, Xender for pc without bluestacks
Connect Xender mobile app to web.xender.com after scanning QR code.

Xender has been made available on Internet by creating a portal where a user can connect their devices share files and when disconnected, all the files will be deleted from portal. This is a secure method to transfer files via Xender temporary servers but will need internet connection.

  1. Open web.xender.com in your browser.
  2. Open Xender App on your mobile and click on ‘Connect to Web’ option from the mobile app menu.
  3. Now scan the QR code on web.xender.com and you will get your own portal.
  4. Transfer files with a single click from both the devices.
  5. Close and exit portal after transfer.

Download links

Go to the below URLs for the required download.

Xender on Google Play Store


Xender APK


Download BlueStacks


ARC Welder


Follow appsforpc.org to download more File transfer apps like Zapya, SHAREit and more. These above methods to download Xender for PC are free anytime, so with the help of some external software, you can install Xender easily on Windows computer. Bookmark our page to read more tech and app news.


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