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Game Guardian APK is an app that brings some eye-catching features as well as it can be taken as a hack program for mostly entire games obtainable. The app is basically utilized to customize the content that is present in the game itself. This is one of the finest alternatives of Lucky Patcher which is utilized to hack android games.

So far Game Guardian APK is without a doubt the best Android game cheating application out there and the closest thing you may get to a legitimate Cheat Engine for Android. It is worth a download for anyone who is brave enough to learn some very basic game modding, value editing as well as has some patience to get cheats to work. Game Guardian is just the perfect alternative to SB Game Hacker as well as Game Killer tool. Game Guardian app requires root access to overwrite the game or apps value, so you must have root access on your phone to make it work.

Game Guardian APK

Game Guardian APK

Game Guardian APK Latest Version is one of the amazing Android hacking program that you can use to change the value of any games or apps. With GameGuardian (which is also well known as Game Guardian) you may change the value of almost all of the offline Android game such as some online games like- Ludo Bing, Angry Birds 2 and many more. GameGuardian is not only available because of its potent hacking capability, but there is nothing to worry about, we have collected the original file of the app from the developer.


  • Scanning for a lot of dissimilar value types, able to find almost any game Gems as well as Skill Points.
  • Able to search and edit hidden or encrypted values as well as modify or freeze them.
  • Speedhacks: slow time, speed games up
  • Stealth game hacking features. App installs camouflaged dupe application to hide from online game anti-cheating software.
  • Ideal tool for obtaining unlimited money in offline games, harder to utilize on online games, unless you recognize what you are doing.
  • Advanced functions for power users: Offsets to search Memory Values, potential future table / trainer functions.
  • Runs on x64 and x86 devices without problem.
  • Android system clock modify for skipping game time.
  • GameGuardian works without a root utilizing virtual environment app.

How to Download Game Guardian APK?

Get Game Guardian

  • Download the APK file of the app.
  • Now go to the settings of your Android phone.
  • From the settings menu, search the Security option as well as click on it.
  • Once you are on the security settings Window, search the Unknown sources option as well as enable it by ticking the box next to it.
  • After enabling the Unknown sources, go reverse to the folder where you have stored the newly downloaded APK file.
  • Now click on the file name as well as it will show you Install button with also a Cancel button.
  • Click on the install button as well as right after that, it will repeatedly start the installation process.

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