How to use Instagram on PC/Laptop [Windows, MacOS]


How to use Instagram on PC: Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world and the social networking app is now available to use on Computers also. So today, we will be discussing on How to download Instagram on pc and How to use Instagram on PC for beginners. Instagram is an online video, image sharing and social networking platform that lets its users click pictures and videos and then share those memories with the world.

Instagram is one of the best photo sharing sites on the web and one of the best android apps too. With Instagram you can capture photos with some beautiful filters to upload and share with your friends, family and even the whole world through the social networking giant Instagram.

9 Easy Ways to use Instagram on PC/Laptop [Windows, MacOS]

Although it’s been 7 years since the launch of Instagram, there is no official Instagram app for PC and even though we can use Instagram from our web browsers, there is limited functionality when compared to the App. The lack of features like direct messaging and direct media uploading make the usage of a boring affair. So, you must be wondering about How to post on Instagram from PC or just How to direct message on Instagram PC from your web browser.

Here are the 9 easy and simple ways you can experience the full functionality of Instagram on PC, let it be Windows or a Mac.

1) Use Instagram on Windows 10 PC with InstaPic (Windows only)

Source: Microsoft

InstaPic is the first app for Windows that allows the full functionality of Instagram on PC. InstaPic is not an official Instagram client, so, you must download it from the Microsoft Windows Store. The app has in-app purchases that will provide extra features but the free version is as good as the premium one.

With InstaPic, you can

  • Search for users, tags, people, places
  • Like and Comment on photos
  • Use address book for Facebook friends
  • Use Instagram Direct to send and receive private messages
  • Shuffle between multiple Instagram accounts
  • Capture, edit and upload from your Camera

The app has a 4 rating on Windows store and is the best option for Windows 10 users to use Instagram on PC. The only drawback though is that InstaPic is only for Windows 10 users.

Download Instagram APK

2) Uploading Photos and Videos through Gramblr (Mac, Windows)

Gramblr tool
Source: Gramblr

Gramblr is a free service website that let’s you upload photos and videos to your Instagram account directly without any hassle. With Gramblr you can upload your photos and videos directly from your hard drive and post them on Instagram. We can also crop and edit photos through Gramblr interface which makes it a super easy way to use Instagram on PC web.

Photo Cropping and editing, Video uploading, Photo filters are the main features of Gramblr. We can also maintain multiple Instagram accounts in one Gramblr account and access them all at once.

Gramblr App is available for both MacOS and Windows. Start using Gramblr by downloading their software from their official website.

3) Use Instagram App with Android Emulators (BlueStacks) (Mac, Windows)

BlueStacks logo
Source: Wikipedia

Android Emulators are useful softwares that can run Android files(apk files) on Windows PC and MacOS. BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator and we can use any type of Android app/game with BlueStacks.

Download Instagram for PC

To use Instagram on PC with BlueStacks, download the software on your PC/Laptop, get through their signup process by verifying your email. You will be greeted with a screen that is similar to any android phone. You can then go to the Official Google PlayStore and download Instagram from there. All the app functionalities will be available on PC now. BlueStacks is available for both Windows and MacOS.

There are other android emulators like BlueStacks you can use on PC. Every emulator has it’s own features and drawbacks and you can use any android emulator according to the specifications of your PC. The only way to know is by trying them out.

4) Direct Message anyone on Instagram with Instagram DMS( Mac, Windows)

Instagram DMS is a browser extension that will let us send direct messages to anyone on Instagram from PC. All you have to do is install the zip file, which will enable the extension on Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and Safari browsers. After that, you should login into your Instagram account and then click on the extension to DM anyone on Instagram.

This extension is still not available on Edge browser but is compatible with other browsers.

5) Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from MacBook (MacOS Only)

As we all know that doesn’t allow the option to DM our friends from the web interface. But use this simple hack if you are a Mac user to send direct messages from Mac from your Safari browser.

On your Mac, open Safari browser and click on ‘Safari’ at the top left of your screen. Then go to preferences>Advanced and tick the option ‘Show develop menu in menu bar’. Then go to Safari homepage and open, then scroll to the top menu.

Now, Click on Develop>User Agent>iOS 10-iPhone or any other iPhone agent. The page will reload and send signals to Instagram that an iPhone is accessing the website. Now login, and you can find the option to upload photos and videos.

However, you can’t use the filters and effects menu with this method. This method only works to upload Photos and Videos directly to our Instagram accounts.

6) Use Instagram on Mac with Flume (Mac only)

Flume App for MacOS
Flume for MacOS

Flume is an amazing app for Mac users that provides almost all the important features of Instagram at one place. The app is available on App Store (iTunes) and is free of cost. The interface of Flume is very interesting with a grid based gallery with no text and titles. However, clicking on an image will bring up it’s likes, dislikes, comments and hashtags. Flume also supports Instagram direct which allows for DM, private chats and private hashtags.

Flume also has an option to upload a custom pic from your camera and you can capture, edit and share any photo instantly by clicking a pic on the spot. The only drawback for the app though is that the number uploads has a limit in free version and needs an upgrade to premium for more uploads.

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7) Upload Photos and Videos via Dropbox for Free

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that is free for it’s first 2 GB of storage. In this method, we’ll use DropBox to upload our photos and videos to Instagram. First, you need to download the dropbox app for Android or iOS. You can easily find the DropBox app by a simple search in Google PlayStore or iTunes store. After downloading, go to their signup process and create an account.

Now, open on your PC and login to your account. Drag your desired photos/videos from your disk into dropbox. In some time, all your photos and videos will be uploaded to your dropbox account. Now, open the Dropbox app on your Mobile and if your click the ‘export’ button on any of your Photo/video in DropBox, you will get all the apps of your Mobile like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Now you can upload those photos to Instagram directly through a single click. You can delete the photos later on Dropbox and add new ones.

8) Upload pictures via e-mail (Free)

Another simple trick you can use to upload photos and videos to Instagram is through email. There are many email services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo and all the emails have the option to attach media files to them. So, we’ll use this option to our benefit and upload photos and videos to Instagram.

To begin, open any email service (eg: gmail) and attach all the files you want to upload to Instagram. Then send the mail to yourself i.e., enter your email in to ‘To’ tab. After the mail is successfully sent, you can open the same mail service on your mobile and then export all the media to Instagram.

9) Using Instagram for Computer – A Chrome browser Extension

Instagram for Computer is a simple browser extension in Google Chrome which allows the user to upload photos directly from their Computers/Laptops to their Instagram accounts. The extension has only one feature and that is to upload photos. So, if you are not interested in downloading any extra software, you may install this simple extension in your Chrome browser.

Update : As Instagram removed many features from their API, the extension’s name is changed to Notifications for Instagram and the extension now only provides Instagram Notifications on Desktop. So, this app is not much useful if you want to use additional features of Instagram on PC.

There are more ways to use Insta on PC if you are patient enough. Here are our recommendations:

  • Pixsta (Windows)
  • Deskgram (Windows)
  • Wine (Linux)
  • Uplet (MacOS)

Go to, visit our homepage and also read all our daily tech tricks with free apps for PC.


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