uTorrent for PC, Laptop Download | Windows 10/8/7/XP (Free)


uTorrent for PC: The moment you hear the term “torrent”, the first thought that comes to your mind is Piracy and corrupt. But it is no doubt that technology has advanced and it can be legally performed. uTorrent for PC is a BitTorrent client where you can easily share all the copy-right free movies, music, podcasts, software and all the grandiose digital stuff.

uTorrent is one P2P software which is light in weight, fast and secure to use for all the Windows users. With the help of uTorrent, you can easily schedule your details, prioritize your bandwidth, RSS downloading, and easily carried with BitComet-Mainline DHT. uTorrent is mainly used for downloading large files which may need pausing in between. Either way, uTorrent for PC is a must needed tool in any Windows/Mac devices.

uTorrent for PC, Laptop

uTorrent for PC, Laptop
Download uTorrent for PC, Laptop and start peer-peer downloading.

As we are familiar with the fact that there are many torrent clients available in the market but what makes uTorrent for PC entirely unique is its highly reliable features and also it never consumes your valuable system resources.

This program functions on approximately 6MB of memory space. This would surely amaze you that uTorrent only takes less than 1 MB of your storage space. It not only is the peer software that allows you to download uncorrupted movies, software, and e-books but it also does have a unique protocol that will always detect and correct the heavy traffic.

Get uTorrent (Windows)

uTorrent will not hamper your experience with those frustrating advertisements. There are several benefits of accessing uTorrent which can be easily downloaded from many locations.


uTorrent for PC has come down into existence with a lot of advanced features that you will hardly find in any other peer software like this. Now we will look at those features which makes uTorrent entirely unique in the market.

  • uTorrent is available for free on the market which means you don’t have to pay the sum of amount to have uTorrent on your system.
  • uTorrent is highly reliable and secure to download. It will not threaten your private data and does not consume your space storage.
  • It easily works on Windows 10 that is a system having 64 bit/ 32-bit versions.
  • uTorrent is highly compatible with all the windows versions available in the market.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which means even a non-tech-savvy can easily operate this client tool.

How to download uTorrent for PC, Laptop?

With the help of these step by step guide, you can easily download uTorrent for PC on your Windows PC and can access all the advanced features specially designed for all the user. Follow the instructions carefully to download uTorrent on your Windows PC.


uTorrent Windows Setup
uTorrent Setup Wizard. Click ‘Install’ when prompted.

As we have discussed that uTorrent for PC is available for free which means that you don’t have to pay a single cent to access this tool on your PC.

  • The first step in the installation process is to double-click the Executable file which you will find on the website when you will browse it in your search bar.
  • Once you open the official site of uTorrent then on the page you will get to see the “Download” option and you have to click on the green toolbar to take installation process further.
  • After that uTorrent will let you choose your preferred platform that includes- Windows, Mac, Linux etc from there you need to select the “Windows” option.
  • Then you will get to see the “Download Now” option beside the “uTorrent Stable 3.4.2.” label which you are required to click.
  • Then a prompt will appear on the screen which will ask you to save the file. You must click on the “Save” button when the window appears and save it to your preferred destination but we would recommend you to save it to your desktop.
  • When the download is completed you need to go to your saved file and then open the “uTorrent installer” and double-click to launch the installer.
  • When you open the file a uTorrent set up window will get appear on your screen and then you need to click on “Next” button.
  • After that, a warning page will appear on your screen and then you have to click on the “Next” button again.
  • Then a “User Agreement” page will appear on your screen and from there you have to select the “I Agree” option from the same.
  • After accepting the agreement, a new window with a title “Choose install options” will appear and then you have to select the preferred location wherever you want to save uTorrent.
  • By Default, it will get installed in the Program Files folder but if you wish to change the location then you must click on the “Browse” and then go for the Custom folder of your choice and then Click “Next.”
  • Lastly, a configuration window will get appear on your screen and then click on the “Next” button to install the program on your system.

How to Limit Bandwidth Usage?

It is one of the most effective strategies that will help you place a limit on the download speeds. This idea will prevent your downloads from slowing down and help you download all your favorite movies and software at much higher speed.

  • Firstly, you need to double tap on the torrent which you have recently downloaded.
  • Once you click on the uTorrent for PC at the right-hand side then a dialog box will get appear on the screen that consists of Torrent properties.
  • And from there you can easily adjust the limit by maximizing upload rate as per your choice.
  • You can also maximize your download rate as per desired speed in KBps.

With the help of uTorrent, you can easily download files on P2P networking platform which means that each person who is downloading a particular file shares responsibility.

Moreover, you can even prioritize your downloads which means that you can easily decide which file to download first as per your requirements.

Is it recommended?

As we have discussed a Peer-2-Peer software called uTorrent which helps you to download any movie and software of your choice at higher speed and keeping safety in mind.

We hope that this article “uTorrent for PC” helped you to download this tool on your Windows PC. We would love to hear your experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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