Most Useful Windows 10 Apps of 2017 that are free to use


Windows 10 Apps: Out of all the Operating systems released by Microsoft, Windows 10 seems to have a major share of controversy and love. There are users who adore Windows 10 and there are users who stick to Windows 7. Although Windows 8 and 8.1 are nightmarish, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be adapting the same interface with some minor software/user interface changes. The well updated Microsoft Apps store with New Windows 10 Apps came as a bonus to everyone who were already loving Windows 10.

As this year marks the second year of Windows 10, here are the Best Windows 10 apps 2017 that you must have in your computer so that you won’t miss the full experience of a Windows 10 PC. All the Free Windows 10 Apps mentioned here are free to use and some may contain in-app purchases, but we promise the list of the most useful windows 10 apps ever.

Most Useful Windows 10 Apps of 2017 that are free to use

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 will be the last Operating system to be developed by Microsoft and hereafter, only timely updates will be provided. So, as there is no Windows 11 or 12, these apps will be helpful to you in upcoming years also.

One of the best features of Windows 10 is that it can adapt to different screen sizes. So even if you own a tablet/mobile, these same apps download from Windows 10 App store will adapt to the screen size of your device. As Laptops in 2017 are being produced with at least 4GB RAM, there won’t be any compatibility issue also. All the Free/Paid Windows 10 Applications in the app store are verified by Microsoft. The option to update all the apps automatically will ensure minimal RAM drop even with heavy usage.

Microsoft is also coming up with different types of devices like Surface Pro Laptops, HoloLens and 3D Headset and Surface Studio. So, all the apps listed here are compatible with any Windows device that run on Windows 10.


Microsoft Logo
Source: Microsoft

FreshPaint is a painting and photo editing tool that allows users to write, paint and edit images. As Microsoft recently bid goodbye to Paint, FreshPaint is the best app that will replace paint in Windows 10. The App is free to use with in-app purchases for custom designs and filters. The best part is that you can use it with Stylus and draw beautiful images.

The App is available on Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices. You can download FreshPaint for Windows 10 from Microsoft store.

9Zip – open rar, zip, 7zip, gzip

Source: The Windows Club

As the title suggests, 9Zip helps users to open and use Zip files. You can compress, extract and modify Zip files through 9Zip. You can also set a password for your archives and hide them from others. The simple to use interface helps for beginners to deal with .zip extensions.

9Zip is helpful in Windows 8.1/10 because the default feature for unzipping files in OS is unstable and will not work with RAR and gzip files. If you are someone who stores a lot of files, this software is for you. 9Zip is free to use and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

VLC Media Player

VLC media Player logo windows 10 apps
Source: VLC

Play any type of Video file with the famous VLC player now available for Windows 8/10 in Microsoft store. Since few years, VLC had been an useful tool that is downloaded from the internet through 3rd party apps. But now, VLC is available with an easy to use interface and operates as an app rather than a software. The only drawbacks are that this version doesn’t have the video editing and file conversion options.

VLC Media Player is one of the most used Windows software and you can download VLC Media Player for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store or VLC website.


Recuva File Recovery Software
Source: Recuva

Recuva is a cool recovery software that helps in recovering deleted files on a storage device. As an old saying goes, ‘Everything you delete is not really deleted’., Recuva uses advanced software to recover deleted files from your hard disk, USB or SD card.

Recuva or any other file recovery software is only useful to recover files from an External storage device like Hard disk, USB, SD card and Micro SD. If you delete files that are stored on Phone, you can’t recover them back. Use Recuva to recover deleted and important files on your PC. You can Download Recuva from their website.

Go to>Download Free Version.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo
Source: FB

Facebook Messenger is the official chat app of and users can use it to send messages and media to their Facebook friends. This app will be useful to those who don’t spend much time on their mobile. Messenger also sends you desktop notifications of any new message and makes chatting easy.

Although the app is in Beta stage and misses a few features, Messenger runs smooth on Windows 10 and you can download it from MicroSoft App Store.


Source: Web

Did you ever come across a thought of having an App Store for all the external softwares in Windows. If Yes, Ninite is the app you are looking for. Ninite is like the App Store of Desktop applications that you have to otherwise download from external sources.

Ninite offers a one click installation program. Just choose the apps you want to download and click ‘Install’. There are 87 programs by default and 115 programs in the paid version. For personal use, the free version of the app is a lot better and makes life with Windows easy. You can also download Ninite Updater for 10$ that will keep updating to the latest versions of each app.

To download Ninite for Windows 10, go to>tick needed apps>Get Ninite now.

MalwareBytes – Anti Malware Software

Malwarebytes logo

As we all know, there is already a preinstalled antivirus software called Windows Defender in our PC. This is the default Windows program and protects our PC from Viruses easily. But after Windows 10 update, Windows Defender raked the bottom spot in Antivirus testing which means Windows Defender is now getting old.

MalwareBytes is an excellent Anti Malware software that protects you from any type of Virus. It also cleans your PC and warns you about any harmful program. MalwareBytes also detects Trojans and all these features make MalwareBytes a must have app on our Windows Computers.

Download MalwareBytes from Ninite app or from>Free Download.

Google Chrome>FireFox>Opera

Top Browsers for Windows 10 image
Top Browsers for Windows

Using Internet Explorer on Windows is a big headache and there are many memes dedicated to that specific browser. Every laptop with a internet connection needs a browser and there are only 3 recommended browsers till date.

Google Chrome is the best of all with incredible response speed and a lot of extensions. The browser also supports a lot of URL responses and renders webpages beautifully. But if you don’t want Google to access any of your information, we don’t suggest using Chrome.

Firefox, on the other hand is an open source project and you can use it any way you want. Mozilla also has a lot of add-ons and is on par with Google Chrome. Firefox is the best recommended browser for Privacy enthusiasts.

Opera is good for downloads and a few extra features make Opera browser one of the preferred browsers for Netizens.

More Windows 10 apps

So far, 2017 has been dull with a lot of improvisation on the mobile front. Android, iOS had their fair share of new viral apps that moved the social networking spectrum a few notches up. But for Windows and MacOS, no conventional change is seen on both new softwares and App stores.

Bookmark this page as we add new Windows 10 Apps and see more of our articles.


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